Monday, 30 June 2014

Essex Grand Prix

Hi everybody, sorry about the delay of this post I have been quite busy recently.

Anyway that's not the point. The point is to congratulate everybody who went to the final Grand Prix event at Saffron Walden. Everyone did really well and I hope you enjoyed the sunshine if you were there.

The main section of the blog is about the overall Grand Prix standings. Your best three scores throughout the tournament are totalled up and then turned into points. \You also get a trophy if you attend every one of the five tournaments. We had nobody winning this trophy, but we had some people winning some even bigger trophies...

In the Under 11's section, Ben came third
overall, very impressive considering he was a year younger than most of his opponents. Then, in the Under 14's we won three out of the four trophies. James came fourth, I (Scott) came second and Elliot come first, gaining many more points than anyone else. He must also be congratulated for winning that particular tournament, ending up on 6/6. Finally we had Angelo who won the Under 18 section, thanks to his rival not turning up.

Overall, this season as been pretty good for the knights. Next year will hopefully be even better. However, the downside is there are very few chess tournaments remaining. So make sure to keep practising throughout the holidays. And finally, if you hadn't done so already, please could you let Robin know if you will be likely to attend the club if it is run throughout the summer holidays. Hopefully I'll see you all at the club on Tuesday.

These are all the award winners in the Grand Prix. Most of our players are in the top right if the photo.
Thank you to the EJCA and Trevor Dickenson for this photo

                                          Enjoy the sun,

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  1. Thank you to Trevor Dickerson and the Essex Junior Chess Association for permission to use the photo of the prize winners.

    The Grand Prix tournaments are an excellent way for junior players to experience tournament chess in a friendly atmosphere. For news of future tournaments (the 2014/2015 series will kick off in Chelmsford in October) and other Essex junior news see

    Congratulations to all the trophy winners but (yes) particularly to the Knights of Chelmsford players in the back row. From right to left along the back row Elliot (in the red t-shirt), James (hidden), Scott and Angelo.