Monday, 7 July 2014

Club Tournament Semi-Finals

Hi guys,

So the club tournament has reached the knockout stages, and this is just a quick post to tell you a bit about the Knights of Chelmsford's very first club tournament.

The tournament format is that players get points for winning games against other players, or helping out with coaching, or other chess related activities. Then the four players with the most points go through to the semi-finals to play in a mini knockout tournament.

So who has made it to the semi-finals? Well for the older section the semi-finals are as follows:

James vs Josh
Ben vs Scott

For the younger section the semi-finals are:

Nadia vs Akshay
Sebastian vs Zahra

Well done to all of our semi-finalists for making it this far and good luck to all of you in your games.

A few people very nearly made it to the semi-finals, but were just pipped to fourth place by a few points. These people deserve a mention, so well done also to Tom from the older section and Joshua from the younger section, who both very nearly made it to the semi-finals, and did extremely well anyway considering the number of participants - 15 in the older section and 23 (!) in the younger section.

Well done to all the other participants and good luck in the next tournament!


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