Saturday, 29 March 2014

And Yet More Photos!

Top: Eliott watching Angelo play Ian Morgan.
Bottom: Eliott plays Ben in the foreground, Daniel vs James behind.

Top: Edward helping Akshay.
Bottom (from front): Luxathan vs Ben, Angelo vs Eliott, David Gatheral vs James.

Top: Daniel vs Russel White, Sebastian vs Alice with Robin in the background.
Bottom: Ian Morgan giving Bradley and Sebastian some advice.

Top left: Bertie playing a move. Bottom: Ben vs Eliott in front of James vs Daniel. Arnav in white top in background.
Top right: Mario Cassar (Chelmsford Chess Club Treasurer) presenting a donation to the Knights of Chelmsford in memory of former Chelmsford player Steve Collins.

Left: Coach Robin Slade sporting his Knights of Chelmsford t-shirt.

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