Saturday, 29 March 2014

More Photos!

Here are some more photos taken by the official club photographer, Anna Gallagher (my mum!). Apologies for any names that I've got wrong - please contact me if I have made any mistakes.
Top row from left to right: Akshay, Sebastian and Jathavan.
Alice, one of our youngest members, below.

Left: Robin Slade explaining the club rules. Top right: Taran with Robin.
Bottom right: Arnav talking to Robin whilst playing Akshay. Ben concentrating behind.

Top left: Taran trying to find the best move. Right: Gowsithan playing with the white pieces.
Bottom left: Akshayan and Mernan.

Top (from front): Jatharan vs Taran, Akshayan vs Gowsithan, Mernan vs Josh. Bertie standing at end.
Bottom: Games from the mini-tournament with the stronger players. Luxathan vs David Gatheral in foreground, Elliot and Ben behind.

Top left: Concentration from Elliot and James. Top right: One of our oldest members, Edward.
Bottom: Daniel (me) helping Sebastian and Bradley.

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