Saturday, 3 May 2014


Hi everybody. As I'm sure you have heard we are running a mini-tournament within the club! The idea is that you will get to play a variety of opponents in more serious matches than usual. As always, there will be time for coaching, puzzles and just friendly matches, but hopefully this tournament will provide some more fun (if that's possible) and we can finally prove who is the best player in the club.

There will be two different sections: primary and secondary. If you are in years seven and above, then you will be in the secondary tournament (this means you will play people in secondary school, not that your tournament is less important). In the primary tournament, you will play in primary school. Don't worry, if you're still learning you will not have to play against the hardest people in your group. However, there are some complications. If you were born in 2003 or 2004 there is the option to play opponents in a mixture of both the primary and secondary tournaments. Obviously you won't have to play the best people in the secondary group, but playing some year 7's if you are in year 6 or 5 will improve your chess much more than beating somebody who isn't as good as you.

The scoring system will be the same as the system for the UK School's Chess Challenge (I think that is what it's called, all I know is it is the tournament where you qualify for the megafinal). This means 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and one for a loss. You will also get points for playing in tournaments outside of the club and helping out at the club. Hopefully now we will be set up in 5 minutes as everybody wants the extra points. You can play at most 3 tournament games a day. the top 4 will play in a semi-final in July to determine the best player in your age group is.

Players in italics can play people in both sections. These people will be in the primary section; William Pugh, Ahmed Zamzam, Nadia Jaufarally, Adam Southgate Oliver Etherington, Arnav Pal Peehal, Taran McVay, Saul Chivers, Akshay Acharya Gowisthan Krishnamoorthy, Jathavan Suthakar, Joshua Pooler, Lucie Etherington, Zahra Jaufarally James Killeen Sebastian Bridgeman, Oishi Mukherjee, Harry Chivers, Richard Carter, ALice White, Phoebe Ettori, Bertie Westacott, Ben Chivers, Nina Pert and Max Pert.

These people will play in the secondary tournament; James McCallum, Shagilan Jeevaresan, Angelo Cassar Akshayan Suthakar Edward McCallum, Aidan Lee, Sharmen Premkumar, Daniel Gallagher, Scott Shelley, Elliot Cocks, Mernan Jeevaresan, Luxathan Krisnamoorthy, James Bishop, Shazia Jaufarallay, Josh Cummings Kieran Shelley, Tom McCartney, Catherine Killeen Bradley McGrory Ben Bishop
As always, this tournament is only for fun and if you lose, win or draw it doesn't matter, even if it is because you gave away your queen for free. Remember that if you need are playing somebody better than you, it is possible to win and if you are playing somebody not as good as you, then remember they could still win. Hopefully you will be kind and give your opponents advice about where they went wrong at the end of the game so we can all get better and eventually be the best junior club in the universe!!!!!!! (Or Essex, that would be good as well).

                                      I hope you guys will have fun, Scott

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  1. Thanks Scott. We'll be kicking this off 13th May and I'll email around more details. There will also be points available for giving and receiving coaching so older players willing to give up their time to help out (and younger players willing to listen) will get their reward. One further difference from most tournaments is that points will also be available for excellent chess colouring!