Saturday, 29 March 2014

My Game vs Marcus Osborne

This will hopefully be the first of many games that Scott and I post on the blog. Enjoy! (If you are reading this on your phone then switch to the web version. It seems to work better.)

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  1. This was a nice game to play through Daniel and a fine result. I can imagine you must have been getting a little nervous with the winning line in sight but you played the ending very calmly.
    From a chess lesson point of view it shows us how important it is to create some counter play when under pressure – you did well to look for some positive ideas on the queenside.
    I’ve only looked through the game on the screen but the white move that surprised me was 23Qe4. This seemed to take a key square from a knight and cut down white’s attacking options. I liked the look of 23Nf5 with (depending on black’s reply) 24Qe4 to follow.

    Robin Slade