Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good Luck and Happy Easter!

Hi guys, sorry about the long time between posts, I'll be writing more frequently now.

This is just to say 'Happy Easter!' to all of our club members (and other blog readers) and to wish people good luck in any chess they may be playing.

In particular, good luck to those of you who are playing in any section of the Southend Congress which is held over Easter. Hopefully some of our members will be entering either the Junior or Minor sections, (I know that Elliot has entered the minor already) if they (and their families!) don't mind giving up their Easter Weekend to play chess.

I will be playing in the Open section and will check to see how everyone is doing over the weekend.

As I said, I will now be posting more frequently. See some of you on Tuesday!


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  1. I also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter but by the time I'd remembered that you added a comment by clicking on the "comments" link Easter has passed! Instead I hope you all had a pleasant weekend and those of you who played at Southend (5 Knights of Chelmsford plus one Knight parent) enjoyed yourselves. The tournament certainly seemed to benefit from a change of venue and it was great to see a junior event running alongside the main sections on Saturday.