Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Southend Chess Congress

Hi all,

As I mentioned in my previous post, some the Southend Chess Congress was run over the Easter weekend and this is just an update to say how everyone who took part got on.

Nadia, Shazia and Zahra played in the Junior tournament on Saturday and scored three, two and one points respectively (out of five). These are great results in a tough tournament and hopefully their chess can continue to improve.

Nadia, Shazia and Zahra
Elliot played in the Minor section and scored 3/5, finishing in a good seventh place out of eighteen. Niall from the Knights of Gidea Park scored an impressive 3.5/5 finishing in second place.
Elliot, Robin and Bhramav
Adam, Ivor Smith, Daniel and Niall

As for myself, I didn't have the best of tournaments, scoring 2/7 in the strong Open tournament. I will put some of my games on the blog, and if anyone else recorded their games in this tournament (or in any other one) feel free to send them in to so I can put them up as well.

The other juniors from Essex that are shown in the photographs are Adam and Gorak, who played in the Open and Bhramav, who played in the Minor.
Daniel, Adam, Bhramav and Gorak
Congratulations also to Knight parent IM Richard Pert who scored an unbeaten 5/7 in the Open and came third in the tournament!
Finally I would like to thank the organisers of the tournament who made the tournament a pleasure to take part in.

See you (if you are a club member) later today!


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