Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Robin on the Radio!

Just a quick post to say that earlier today our head coach, Robin Slade, went on BBC Essex for an interview with Dave Monk about our new club. He did a fantastic job at promoting chess as a sport and I'm sure that we will get several new members as a result of the interview. Dave Monk even said that Robin had made chess seem a lot more exciting to him than he had thought previously!

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  1. Thanks Daniel. I emailed BBC Essex on Tuesday to ask them if they would add our club details to their events website. They called me back for a chat and asked if I’d do an interview on air the next day as they thought a slot on Dave Monk’s mid-morning show about the appeal of traditional board games in this age of computers might be interesting.
    Their studio is near my flat so I arranged to go up in person – mainly to see the studio but also to chat about the club to anyone else at the station. The segment went down well and it was a fun thing to do. If anyone has a local event to plug I’d recommend getting in touch with the station.
    One piece of chess trivia for older readers. Dave Monk went to school with Peter Walker (former chess parent, junior coach and league player from the Southend area). Apparently Peter didn’t have a big bushy beard at primary school.

    Robin Slade
    Knights of Chelmsford