Sunday, 23 March 2014

Why Play Chess?

Knights of Chelmsford Junior Chess Club

Why do we play chess? Because it is fun. There is no other reason. I’ve had a great deal of fun playing chess over the years. Not just the games themselves but the friends I’ve made, places I’ve visited and time I’ve spent studying the game.

Let me introduce myself. I’ve played tournament chess since I was at school and represent Chelmsford and Essex in team events. In the last few years my interest has moved away from playing and into helping young players have fun developing their own game and I’ve got involved with coaching and organising junior chess.

I want our club to be a place where children can increase how much fun they have through chess. This means a place where they can play with a new group of opponents and make a new group of friends. But chess is a game that becomes more fun and more interesting the better you get (and, yes, winning your share of games is part of this).

So we’ll also be helping children of all levels get better at the game. When you work on your chess you are also improving other skills like reasoning, logic, planning and problem solving. There are other ways to improve these skills but if you enjoy chess it is the perfect route to take.

This is a club for every child regardless of age or level of play. You’ll find a friendly atmosphere where everybody is encouraged to help everybody else. Please come and join us and remember…

Parents – Chess is educational.

Knights – Chess is fun.

Robin Slade

Club Coach/Organiser

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