Monday, 24 March 2014

1 day left!

It's Monday, so that can only mean one thing... the knights of Chelmsford will be opening tomorrow! Make sure to turn up, because otherwise you will never be able to clear your conscience that you never went and your mental health could be affected in the future. Also, remember that if you turn up before 4:30 you will be attending a church service instead of a chess club which will probably be a bit awkward. And make sure to leave before 6:00 because you will then be stuck inside until somebody realises you're missing, and you don't want that. Remember that it is also important to bring your £3 as nothing is free now so we need you guys to bring some money to cover the cost of booking the hall. The Knights of Chelmsford is a non-profit organisation.

NB This sentence only applies to you if you go to KEGS. If you don't, read the next paragraph! 
If you go to KEGS, and you need a lift to the club, then talk to Elliot Cocks (7M) as his Mum is happy to give some people a lift. However, don't take 10 of your friends down because she isn't a bus driver and only has 1 car. However, if you do want to travel with a bus driver, there are numerous bus services you can get to get to Christ Church. you can catch the 42, 100, 561 or 562 bus. the tickets cost no more than £1.50 for a single. If you want to, you could walk to the club. This would mean that you would get to the club on time, and won't waste any extra money. However if you are like me then the previous sentence doesn't apply to you.

If you don't go to KEGS, then you can probably relax and get your parents (or somebody else's) to drive you there. You don't get 5 pieces of homework each day and leave school at 3:40 unlike me so you can watch TV, maybe play your Xbox 1 or PlayStation 4, so you should be fully prepared for 90 minutes of intense and serious chess (or maybe just some chess-related fun)

So now, after all the important stuff, I can talk about myself. I know Dan said something about me, but the longest paragraph was about himself.

My name is Scott Shelley and I started playing in year 5 when a new teacher joined our school. He was interested in chess and started a club. I joined, and soon found out I wasn't that bad. I moved on from there, having played for Essex and entered the great big world of secondary school. Since then, particularly with help from Robin I have played board no.4 for Essex U14 and I am currently leading the Grand Prix for my age group. I may not be the best, but I'm not the worst either (thankfully).

And one more quick notice. The club will be running throughout the Easter holidays so if you are already going to Australia on holiday then cancel your holiday because you're going to be missing out on so much at the club.

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  1. Thanks Scott. Room 1 is booked for the Knights of Chelmsford from 4.15 and I'll be there before then so if you are early just head start to room 1. Putting out a few trestle tables and chairs will pass the time. The club will also run until 6.30 so although you can leave at 6 I'll be a little bit lonely if everyone does.
    There is plenty of parking at the venue if you are arriving by car - entry via Lower Anchor Street off London Road. Check out the Christ Church website or google a map for directions.