Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Report of recent events

Hi everybody, this post basically sums up everything that has happened within the past month or so. So first we have the Gigafinal results. We did very well, with two people qualifying for the final round, the Terafinal. Here are the results. Shazia 3/6 U13 girls, Nadia 4.5/6 U10 girls, James 2/6 U12, Elliot 4.5/6 U12 and Tom 2/6 U11


All 5 players did well in a tough competition featuring the best players from the southern half of England. The Terafinal will consist of the 1st, second and 3rd place players from the Southern Gigafinal and the Northern Gigafinal.
Also we have our Knight champions! It was sister vs sister in the junior tournament and brother vs brother in the older final.Nardia beat her sister Zahra in the final to take home the trophy. Meanwhile, James beat Ben in the older tournament. Congratulations to both the winners and the runners up.

Nardia about to play Zahra in the final
 And finally, is it possible to start chess when you're too young? If so, then Bertie has managed to do so. Here he is pictured 11 months old already learning the game. However, Bertie's sister may be able to take Bertie's title as she come to the club last week aged just one week.


Bertie getting to grips with the basics of chess

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  1. Thanks to Scott for the round-up.

    Congratulations to Nadia and James for winning our inaugural tournaments. It was weird to have a pair of sisters in one final and a pair of brothers in another. Family rivalry was played out in the best of spirits.

    This weekend Elliot and Nadia are competing in the terafinal events in Loughborough. It was a fine achievement for both of them to win through to this national final and their results will appear on the blog in due course.

    Bertie's photo prompts the question of how young can you start playing chess. It all depends on the child but down the club we have a number of children aged 4 and 5. The advantage of a junior chess club open to all ages is that children can find opponents their own age and strength and improve together.

    Bertie's sister Kitty was a little young at one week old to fully grasp the game but she was also the quietest player we have ever had as she slept through the whole experience.

    Coming up in the next couple of weeks we have a chess simultaneous match with International Master Richard Pert and a predict-the-move event organised by our first Senior Champion James.