Friday, 5 September 2014

The end of the summer :(

Well, that's it. The summer's over, we've gone back to school, and the chess season has started again. We're back to weekend stays in different counties, The long award ceremonies at the end of every grand prix and that horrible feeling you get when you come home from a chess on Sunday evening and realise that you've got school tomorrow. But that's what makes chess fun. Sure, the drives can be boring, and when you get drawn against someone with a grade of 150 in the first round of a tournament it's not enjoyable, but it's when you reach out with your hand, having just played a brilliant game, and say checkmate. So although it will get colder, the days will get shorter and the schoolwork starts all over again, we can always play chess.

Richard also played in his second simul at the club. He played against Niall (who usually goes to our sister club) Elliot, Scott (me) Samiran, Shagilan, Mernan, Shazia, Nardia, Luxathan and Josh. This time Richards phone did not go off and he did not draw with anybody. Everybody was comprehensively beaten by Richard except Elliot, who during some stages of the game looked like he could win. However, Richard's knowledge and experience prevailed in the end, and Elliot too was beaten.

We also have a picture of Sebastian during the summer holidays. Here he is playing chess outside the Kazan with his granddad in Russia

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