Monday, 26 May 2014

More Photos, The Essex Championship Trophy and Match Result

Hi all,

On Tuesday a match between the members of our club who go to Moulsham School and the others in the club was played. The rest of the club won a close match (4.5-2.5) and everyone enjoyed themselves. Here is the full list of results:

Ben 0-1 Elliot
Josh 0-1 James
Tom 1-0 Mernan
Kieran 0-1 Shazia
Ollie 0-1 Nadia
Adam 1-0 Ali
Ahmed 0.5-0.5 Sebastian

IM Richard Pert (one of our 'Knight Parents') also got presented with the Essex Championship Trophy for getting the highest score out of any Essex player in the Southend Congress. Below is a photo of Ivor Smith (the President of the Essex Chess Association) handing the trophy to Richard. Well done Richard!

Here are some photos from the day.

Top: Games from Moulsham match. Kieran and Tom from Moulsham nearest camera.
Bottom Left: Kieran. Bottom Right: Adam.

Top Left: Ahmed. Bottom Left: Joshua.
Right: SpiderBertie!

Top: Harry Saul and Ben with Richard Pert's trophy.
Bottom: Joshua and Sebastian with the trophy.

Top Left: Elliot. Top Centre: Shazia. Top Right: Ollie.
Bottom: Moulsham match - Shazia, Tom and Kieran.

Top: Edward and Daniel in foreground, Saul and Sebastian in background.
Bottom Left: David Gatheral. Bottom Centre: Nadia. Bottom Right: Sebastian.

Top Left: Josh. Top Centre: Ben. Top Right: Mernan.
Bottom: Moulsham match - Shazia and Kieran in foreground.

Top: IM Richard Pert (Essex Champion) and Ivor Smith (President of the Essex Chess Association).
Bottom: Richard Pert with Max, Nina and Essex Championship Trophy.

Top+Bottom: IM Richard Pert's coaching session with James, Elliot, Daniel and Mernan.

Top Left: Zahra. Top Centre: Ben and Harry. Top Right: Daniel and James.
Bottom: Max and Nina.

Top Left: Alice and Nina. Bottom Left: Sebastian, Ahmed and Akshay nearest camera.
Right: Phoebe.

Top: Daniel and Russell by the demonstration board.
Bottom: Nadia.
See you all soon,


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