Monday, 26 May 2014

More tournaments

Hi guys, yet anther post about tournament results. Everybody who has participated has done very well recently, and the club members have picked up 5 awards between them.
Firstly the Megafinal results. Angelo, Elliot, James, Josh, Tom, Ben, Nadia and Shazia all managed to qualify and now have the opportunity to play in the Gigafinal which will be held in Reading. This will take all the qualifiers of the Megafinals form the South of the UK and only the top three in each section will have a chance to qualify to the Terafinal, the final battle. Also, Ollie and Sebastian both should be mentioned after gaining three and a half points, only half a point away from qualifying.

Next the Colchester Grand Prix Event. we had 12 players participating; Our prize winners were Ben (1st in the U11s), James (1st in the U18 Minor with 6/6), Elliot (2nd in the U18 Open), Nadia (best newcomer) and Shazia (rating prize). Our other players were Zahra, Gowsithan, Josh, Tom, Angelo, Luxathan and Scott (me). Everybody should be very proud of their results, at both tournaments.

Finally, a chess tip. Never eat too much junk food the day before a chess tournament. I found that out at Colchester, and lets just say I didn't feel the best. I hope to see you all at the club next week.

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  1. It was great to see so many Knights competing at Colchester and enjoying themselves on and off the board. I told Scott there were 12 Knights in combat but in fact there were 13 so apologies to James Killeen for missing him off my list. James showed good character by bouncing back from two quick defeats in the first two rounds to score a couple of well deserved wins later on.

    Scott learned a valuable lesson about overindulging in junk food. There is every chance in a few years time he'll learn a similar lesson on the dangers of too much alcohol before a tournament. Preparing for a tournament is more about eating and sleeping properly than looking at openings.