Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Simul Report

Hi all,

Yesterday IM Richard Pert played a simultaneous display against some of the stronger members of the club, scoring an impressive 7/8 (6 wins and 2 draws).

Scott and I were the only two to secure a draw against Richard, Scott holding his own in an equal rook ending and me blocking the position up and trying to play for the draw as black.

Colours alternated on every board (Board 1 was black, Board 2 was white, etc.) to ensure that there were equal numbers of people playing white and black. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I would like to thank Richard for organising the simul.

Here is a full list of results:
Richard 0.5-0.5 Daniel
Elliot 0-1 Richard
Richard 1-0 Angelo
Scott 0.5-0.5 Richard
Richard 1-0 James
Ben 0-1 Richard
Richard 1-0 Edward
Nadia 0-1 Richard

See you next week,

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