Monday, 24 March 2014

Recommended Chess Websites

Hi guys, Daniel here.

This post will give you the URLs for some websites and youtube channels that have helped me improve my chess and that hopefully can do the same for you.

Before we start, though, I just wanted to add that soon (maybe at some point during the week) I will be posting some videos on some famous games, or chess openings (of course, only ones that I have an understanding of!). Feel free to comment on this post to suggest some games or openings you want me to look at.

Also, I will probably be posting a chess jargon buster to deal with chess terminology, but for now if there is something you don't understand visit the wikipedia page: "" which will tell you everything that you need to know.

Anyway, here are some of the websites.


Kingscrusher (aka Tryfon Gavriel) is one of the best chess youtubers. He posts videos extremely frequently, ranging from his own blitz or over-the-board games to looking at the games of grandmasters. He also talks about some interesting chess concepts (the weakness of the last move, pros and cons of doubled pawns) that can help in games.

Peter Lalic:

Peter Lalic is another great chess youtuber, who mainly posts videos about his own instructive games. He explains lines very well and his videos are usually of a very manageable size. His channel is ideal for the improving player.

The Chess Website:

The chess website (aka Kevin) posts videos mainly about interesting chess openings. For a beginner who wants to learn a basic chess opening his videos are fantastic to learn a bit about the different systems. He also posts about grandmaster games.

The ICC:

If you are willing to pay for membership, then this is the club to join. Play people from all around the world in quick games and also have access to a wealth of chess videos and game analyses. This is ideal for someone who is improving rapidly and wants to play regularly. is a fantastic site with lots of resources including a tactics trainer and chess opening database. Like with the ICC, with you can play with both your friends and people on the other side of the globe.

So there we go! Hopefully some (or all) of these sites will help to improve your chess!


  1. For those of you just starting to play looking for some very clear chess instructions and puzzles aimed just for children I'd recommend checking out

    As someone who works in Chelmsford Library don't forget the joy of a chess book.

    One thing we will all be doing at the club is working on some chess puzzles (from books and from online) as these are a great and fun way to learn. Don't panic - I have puzzles suitable for everyone from Daniel at one end to someone just learning the game at the other.

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing this post :) Chess fanatic here.