Friday, 28 March 2014

First Meeting!

Sorry about the delay on this post, I'll make it more prompt in the future.

Anyway, Tuesday was the first meeting of the Knights of Chelmsford Chess Club (I know, front page news material right there)! As it was the first session we wanted everyone to get to know each other by playing as many games as possible. The coach and assistant coaches walked around and offered advice to those quite new to chess and the more advanced group played a small tournament. Here are some photos from the day, which were kindly taken by Richard from the Knights of Gidea Park.

Bertie (front left) playing Sebastian. Arnav considering a move against Askhay.

Elliot playing Ben next to Daniel.

Akshayan playing Gowsithan watched by Mernan.

Luxathan, Angelo, David Gatheral, Ben, Elliot.

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