Monday, 21 July 2014

British Championships!

Hi all,

The British Championships have just started in Aberystwyth, Wales and some of our players are taking part in various sections. Elliot, Nadia, Shazia, Zahra and Daniel (myself) are participating in some of the junior events and parents Richard Pert and Mohammad Jaufarally are also playing.

Out of the players whose sections have already begun, Richard Pert is on 2/2 in the main Championship and is playing top seed GM David Howell today. Good luck Richard!

The U16 started today and I managed to beat Prashast Vir in a close game in the first round. Tomorrow I will be playing last year's U15 winner, Paul Calderon.

Good luck to all of our Knights!

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  1. Thanks Daniel

    Good luck to all of you representing our club in the British Championships (and to Niall from our sister (brother?) club in Gidea Park).

    Nadia warmed up for her event by winning the junior trophy at the club today by beating Zahra in the final. In fact we all warmed up quite literally as it is hot and sunny in Chelmsford. Apparently it is equally lovely in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games so I hope you also fortunate with the weather in Wales.

    Best Wishes